About DMI

DMI is a national independently-owned marketing organization with more than 25 years of financial stability and success. Since opening our doors in 1989, our mission has been to provide exceptional wholesaling and administration value-added services. We provide our advisors access to highly-rated carriers, competitive products, and service excellence that directly impacts their bottom line.

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Brian Donahue

President 781-740-9777 bdonahue@dmi.com View Brian Donahue's profile on LinkedIn

Ann Sexton

Vice President - Operations 781-919-2356 asexton@dmi.com View Ann Sexton's profile on LinkedIn

Damon LaTanzi

Vice President - Sales/Marketing 781-919-2362 dlatanzi@dmi.com View Damon LaTanzi's profile on LinkedIn

Keith Schettino

Director of Life Brokerage 781-919-2357 kschettino@dmi.com View Keith Schettino's profile on LinkedIn

Ann Roman

Life Wholesaler 781-919-2359 aroman@dmi.com View Ann Roman's profile on LinkedIn

Amy Ashe

Annuity Sales Consultant 781-919-2355 aashe@dmi.com View Amy Ashe's profile on LinkedIn

Mary Gilson

Annuity Sales Consultant 781-919-2325 mgilson@dmi.com View Mary Gilson's profile on LinkedIn

Phil Ferrara

Annuity Sales Consultant 781-919-2345 office pferrara@dmi.com View Phil Ferrara's profile on LinkedIn

Oakley Jones

Annuity Sales Consultant 800-322-6342 office
508-989-1369 cell
ojones@dmi.com View Oakley Jones's profile on LinkedIn

Andrew Bruss

Annuity Sales Consultant 781-919-2363 Annuity Sales Consultant View Andrew Bruss's profile on LinkedIn

Stephanie Charron

Project Manager 781-919-2339 scharron@dmi.com View Stephanie Charron's profile on LinkedIn

Katie Woodward

Marketing Specialist 781.919.2347 kwoodward@dmi.com View Katie Woodward's profile on LinkedIn
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Ed Martin

781-919-2324 emartin@dmi.com View Ed Martin's profile on LinkedIn

Eileen LaFlamme

781-919-2332 elaflamme@dmi.com View Eileen LaFlamme's profile on LinkedIn

MaryAnn Martin

781-919-2327 mmartin@dmi.com View MaryAnn Martin's profile on LinkedIn

Debbie Wade

781-919-2346 dwade@dmi.com View Debbie Wade's profile on LinkedIn

Mark Davey

781-919-2326 mdavey@dmi.com View Mark Davey's profile on LinkedIn

Carolyn Cormican

Contracting Specialist 781-919-2343 ccormican@dmi.com View Carolyn Cormican's profile on LinkedIn

Felicia Joseph

Contracting Specialist 781-919-2329 fjoseph@dmi.com View Felicia Joseph's profile on LinkedIn

Carol Venesky

Receptionist 800-322-6342 cvenesky@dmi.com View Carol Venesky's profile on LinkedIn
  • Our Philosophy
  • In a complex world our philosophy is a simple one:

    Operate with integrity and earn your business.

    As a result we "earn it" with advisors every day. We believe that among the various competitors in the world of financial services, advisors are uniquely qualified to serve the financial needs of Americans. With a heritage of personal service that is unequaled, advisors are up close with those they serve - a fact that places them in a favorable posture to succeed in the future.

  • Our Principles
  • Each of our guiding principles causes us to focus our talents, investments and energies on creating greater opportunity for advisors

    1. Operate with integrity at all times
    2. Recognize that advisors are our customers
    3. Supply our advisors with uncompromising high levels of services
    4. Look forward in order to create the next marketing opportunity
    5. Position our advisors to seize upon marketing opportunities before competitors
    6. Create technology solutions that allow advisors to meet customer needs
    7. Support advisors' marketing activities
    8. Expand advisors' abilities to develop new business through qualified referred leads
    9. Maintain a posture that consumer-oriented products are better for everyone places them in a favorable posture to succeed in the future.
  • Why We're Different
  • We earn our advisors’ trust one policy at a time.