We invest in the newest advisor-driven technology that allows our advisors to complete one appointment questionnaire for all carriers. Our contracting specialists generate and submit completed appointment forms to the carriers saving our advisors time and money.

DMI has invested in the latest technology to simplify the carrier appointment process for you. Rather than requiring you to complete appointment forms for each carrier, you can now complete DMI’s Appointment Questionnaire once. The information you provide will be input into DMI’s secure software which populates carrier appointment forms with your information and electronic signature. As you request new carrier appointments, DMI’s contracting specialists will generate all necessary appointment forms and submit your appointment request directly to the carrier without any further action by you. You will receive a copy of the forms for your records. We will notify you once your appointment has been approved and provide you with your new agent code. It is important to note that if for some reason your appointment is denied, our contracting specialists will work with you to resolve the problem.

Access our Producer Appointment Questionnaire Producer Appointment Questionnaire

You can either email the completed form to us as or fax it to our contracting deparment at 781-740-9778.

Transferring Existing Carrier Appointments

Each carrier's rules regarding transfers vary, most allow a transfer if you have not submitted any business within a specified time-frame (e.g. six months). If you do not meet the carrier's guidelines for a transfer, you will be required to obtain a "release" from your current marketing organization. Your account executive at DMI will work with you and your current marketing organization to obtain the release.

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