Amy Shirk

Vice President – Life Sales

What To Know

Hello, My Name is Amy Shirk. I was an internal wholesaler at Allianz for about 14 years. I have worked with annuities, long term care and life insurance. While I was working at Allianz, I sold my cousin (Zack) a life insurance policy. Zack, was 29 at the time and his wife had given birth to a daughter. He wanted to protect his family if something happened to him. Fast forward to when she was 6 years old, Zack, suddenly passed away at age 35 of an unknown heart issue. While his death shocked us all, his wife and daughter were financially protected. The policy he purchased will be used to fund her college expenses, and a portion of the death benefit has been set aside for her when she is older to pay for her wedding and a new home and without the policy, all of that would not have been possible. I also had sold my grandparents a long term care policy. Prior to their passing away a few years ago, they were able to stay in their home and receive long term care benefits of a home health aid coming into help them prior to going into hospice.  I am very passionate about helping clients and agents with their life insurance business, since I know first hand how it can effect someone.