How Can Advisors Play a Role in Closing the Financial Literacy Gap with Women Clients?

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It is important that advisors understand that women may present different educational needs and retirement planning strategies than men. Your female clients may not be aware of the contingencies related to the cost of long-term care and other factors that could affect retirement income.Nearing retirement is supposed to be an exciting time, the start of […]

The Role of the Fiduciary & Investment Advice Regulation

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 The U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) recently implemented “Improving Investment Advice for Worker & Retirees,” an exemption for investment advice fiduciaries. The DOL’s definition of fiduciary is another regulatory requirement that retirement advisors act in the best interests of their clients and put their clients’ interests above their own. The […]

The New SEC Advertising Marketing Rule Explained By A Marketer

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The new SEC Marketing Rule is designed to comprehensively and efficiently regulate advisers’ marketing communications with clarifications related to endorsements, testimonials, and third-party ratings. The new Marketing Rule’s framework is a combination of  principles-based provisions and requirements for certain types of advertisements.  But, what does this mean for your marketing strategy?   The Marketing Rule, Your […]

5 Ways Retirement Planning is Different for Women

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Retirement planning for women can be uniquely different to that of retirement planning for a man of similar age, socio-economic background, and assets. When developing relationships, advisors need to understand that women may come to the table with different needs and challenges when it comes to retirement planning. Women of all ages and backgrounds can […]

Securing Your Client’s Information: Data Security Tips for Agents and Advisors

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Financial agents and advisors often request and work with important personal identifying information (PII) from their clients that must be kept secure at all times. If a client’s sensitive information is leaked, it could be catastrophic for both the client and the business. Reviewing data security and cybersecurity best practices can protect your business and […]

Elderly Financial Exploitation: How to Identify & Steps to Take to Protect Your Client

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Elder financial exploitation or mistreatment has become more prevalent in recent years. A study by the National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA) shows that one in twenty seniors has reported some form of financial mistreatment in the past year. In many cases, the abusers are people they love or trust, such as family members, friends, caregivers, or […]

How You Can Benefit From Adding Podcasts To Your Marketing Plan

DMI | Marketing, podcast The benefits of adding a podcast to your marketing plan are numerous. A podcast can diversify your marketing, reach new audiences, provide insight into the internal workings and expertise of your organization, add credibility to your business and establish thought leadership. Research conducted by Infinite Dial shows that about 67 million […]

2020 Reflections from DMI

In an unparalleled year, DMI focused on what we do best; we helped our agents grow their business by providing dynamic elements for success. In 2020, we innovated our best-in-class products, award-winning marketing services, sales consulting, and back-office operations support. We developed new skillsets, explored how to best leverage new technologies, and most importantly, continued to deliver without interruption, superior […]

How to Give Back This Holiday Season

The holiday season is full of excitement and wonder, but it can also be stressful for many families. Giving back to your community is a great way to spread joy while providing help to those in need. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an increased need for support across many communities during the holiday season. Explore […]

The SECURE Act: 3 Key Provisions Impacting Financial Professionals

A few months ago, we published a blog about pending legislation called the SECURE Act of 2019 which had several provisions impacting retirement planning.  Now that the Act has officially passed, we thought it would be beneficial to revisit a few key provisions affecting the agents and advisors with whom we work.  While the Act […]