Business Development Specialist
Job Description:

A Business Development Specialist is a self-confident and competitive individual who will take on the challenge of expanding our customer base to grow our annuity and life businesses. They will take the initiative by using prospecting strategies to identify prospects and initiate first outreach with them. This a business to business sales opportunity and you will be calling on insurance agents and financial advisors.  Their goal is to proactively book calls and meetings to fill the pipelines of the sales team with qualified prospects.

Essentials roles and responsibilities:
  • Take risks and learn from mistakes to develop effective prospecting strategies to make first contact with prospects
  • Quickly identify the needs and challenges of prospects
  • Determine the prospect’s interest in selling either annuities or life insurance with DMI
  • Proactively schedule follow up calls or meetings for our sales team with prospects
  • Use your drive to hit and exceed your goals
Position Summary:

This position entails making rapid decisions, often based on very little information. Novel ideas and confidence are required to deal with quickly changing conditions. Challenge and pressure are the norm. There is a good degree of difference from one day to the next, with shifting priorities and new problems to solve daily. Problems may be situational, factual, or people-based. Solving them involves analysis, creativity, and working with others. In dealing with other people, poise, confidence, and influence are required. A forceful, animated communication style is required, often more authoritative than persuasive in nature.

However, it is still important to be attentive to how the message is being received, as stimulating and motivating others is important. Overall flexibility in work style, including involving other people, is important. Established company policies or systems will need to be questioned in an effort to affect positive change. Improvements need to be creative, innovative, unproven, and sometimes risky. Confidence in these solutions, even when faced with strong opposition, is required. Persistence in achieving results is necessary.

The focus of the job is the reaching of goals, rather than the details of how things get done. There is a need to freely and easily delegate these details to others, applying pressure for timely results. There is much freedom in this position, which requires independence and self-reliance in setting priorities and determining objectives. This broadly focused job requires a generalist who is more concerned with the strategies involved in reaching goals than with specific or detailed tactics.

Job Characteristics:
  • Fast-paced, rapidly changing environment multiple projects going simultaneously
  • Analytical, creative problem solving, working with and through others Problems could arise from situations, business issues, or personnel issues
  • Very rapid decision-making with little background information high tolerance for risky decisions
  • confident, direct, poised communication required Working with and through others, persuading and motivating
  • Free and easy delegation of details, making plans, and strategies to reach goals strong, flexible leadership that is somewhat more authoritative while still focused on others’ involvement and genuine participation
Looking for:
  • Maverick –an innovative, “outside the box” thinker, who is undaunted by failure
  • Captain – a problem solver who likes change and innovation while controlling the big picture
  • Persuader – a risk-taking, socially poised and motivating team builder


Noteworthy Behaviors:  Comfortable with risk, Independent, Individualistic, Self-confident, Firm, Proactive, Takes initiative, Competitive, Driven to get things done, Positive response to pressure

Required Qualifications:
  • Proven experience and track record of success in similar role
  • Ability to make 100 cold calls each day
  • Ability to connect quickly with prospects, uncover their problems and refer them to our sales team
  • Experience reaching or exceeding weekly activity goals/quotas
  • Competitive self-starter who enjoys taking risks and is undaunted by failure
Salary and Compensation:
  • Salary is determined based on experience
  • Weekly referral bonuses paid for all prospects you refer to the sales team
  • Monthly commission share with the sales team for prospects who become clients
  • Ability to make 6 figures in total compensation based on results

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Business Development Specialist
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