Damon La Tanzi

Vice President – Annuity Sales

As an advisor to advisors, I help financial services professionals reach the next level of success in their business.

What To Know

Damon has 23 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industries as an advisor, wholesaler, marketing manager and sales manager.

Why Advisors Work with Damon

If you’re an advisor or know an advisor who has one of those challenges, would it make sense to have a brief conversation to see if we can help?

Damon's Featured Product Training Videos

BCA Growth

Learn how and why our top producers are using the BCA Elevate for safe accumulation in this quick video. I’ll talk about two game-changing indices and why the story behind them will make sense to you and your clients.

Nationwide New Heights Income​

Matching the right income option with the right client can be daunting. In this 10-minute video, I’ll show you the 3 options for how our #1 selling FIA can generate lifetime income for your clients.


In the video linked below, learn different ways you can use this product effectively with your clients and prospects to offer more long-term value.

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