Jim Dobler

Vice President – Annuity Sales

What To Know

Jim Dobler ChFC, RICP, CASL has been a Financial Planner, an Insurance Agent, a Wholesaler, ran a Sales Division and been the President of an Insurance Agency over the last 25+ years.

In the last 10 years Jim has trained hundreds of Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents how to conduct Comprehensive Retirement Income Planning with their prospects and clients.

As Jim tells his advisors/agents, if you do right by the client each and every time, 3 things will happen:

It is that simple when you sit down with a baby boomer, according to Jim.

Jim’s goal is to partner with a handful of advisors/agents who are looking to assist boomers in making informed decisions on both their preparation and implementation of retirement. The goal is to address every risk that the client could face and either mitigate or lessen the impact on a retiree.

Why Partner with Jim

Partnering with Jim can mean many things depending on what your need is. The key underlying factor is that you are looking to incorporate, if you have not already, Comprehensive Retirement Income Planning into your business model. Those that currently partner with Jim leverage his skills, knowledge and experience for some of the following activities:

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