Tier 2

Build your presence

Get found. Generate traffic. Grow revenue.

If you don’t appear online, you don’t exist. Once you have a consistent Brand and a strong foundation you now need to build a strong online presence. People need to be able to find you – online and in a physical location. When was the last time you transacted with a business and did not look it up online first? It’s extremely likely that your clients are doing the same online research. When clients and prospects look you up online, make sure they can find you, the information is correct, and your site can capture those leads.

Marketing gallery

Branded Print Collateral (Cards, Stationary, Flyer, Folder)

The marketing team will create stationary, cards, notecards, and brochures to help educate your prospects about your services and company.

Custom Educational Print Collateral

DMI has a library of flyers, brochures, and checklists that will be available to you. These can all be branded to you and used online or printed as part of your company’s identity kit.

Branded Print/Digital Client Facing Collateral

Our Build Your Presence email drip campaign will consist of checklists, flyers and brochures. These educational documents are created by DMI and will be branded to you and sent out via Mailchimp or Constant contact. You will receive a proof before each email is sent out and may opt out of any email you don’t want to be sent out. You can use these branded materials on your website or print them to be used in your identity kit.

Branded Workshop Collateral

We provide turnkey workshops to put you in front of a room full of qualified prospects. Our system includes pre and post presentation tools designed to help you set more appointments and close sales efficiently.

Website Designs

Our websites built as a simple, easy to navigate site, you can choose from one of the 3 designs. Photos, colors, logo and fonts can be customized to you by the design team.

qualifications & guidelines

  • $5m Annuity FIA production annually OR $250k Life production annually
  • 1st case within 30 days of signing on
  • Must hit 50% of production requirement by 6 mos

Marketing Services

  • 200 hours per year with award-winning marketing professionals
  • Branded identity kit - cards, stationary, etc.
  • Client facing printed + digital materials
  • Custom educational print + digital collateral
  • Email Signature to promote credibility
  • Email campaigns to engage with your existing contacts
  • Website & Hosting
  • Online presence report to view performance across the web
  • Workshop support & starter kit
  • Podcasts to get you in front of a growing audience
  • Opportunities for marketing reimbursements to further support your marketing efforts