A Fragile Decade: Are You Addressing the Sequence of Returns Risk with Your Clients?

A man sits at a table with blocks in a line. His hand intersects a line of block stopping the flow of blocks cascading, implying sequence risk protection.

You guide your clients through plenty of risks as they prepare for retirement. After all, retirement is a long game that has many parts to manage, such as taxes, health care costs, inflation, and market risk. When it comes to investing, it’s understood that actual returns will vary significantly from year to year depending on […]

Impact Investing: What It Is and How It Can Impact Your Clients Retirement

An older woman who values impact and commiunity volunteers smiling

Driven by Millennials and Gen X interest, impact investing can act as a catalyst for retirement saving as individuals focus on a impactful investment —from sustainable agriculture to renewable energy, conservation, and micro-finance. In addition to the macroeconomic trends in sustainable investing, updates from regulatory agencies, shifting consumer investor preferences, and demographic changes across the […]