What is a Life Insurance IMO?

An independent marketing organization (IMO) is a company established by independent life insurance agents that works as a partnership between insurance carriers and independent agents. By joining an IMO, independent agents can access the insurance carrier’s brand name, products, and expertise.

IMOs Help Make Life Easier for Life Insurance Agents

Independent insurance agents are faced with many challenges when they first go on their own. Learning the ropes of independent marketing without the support of an established company can be daunting. As independent insurance professionals grow in experience and knowledge, they often turn to IMOs for strong carrier partnerships to help expand revenue potential through sales support, integrated marketing initiatives, and streamlined operational support.

IMOs Help Life Insurance Agents Compete With The Big Guys

As independent agents grow their businesses through IMOs, they are better able to compete with large independent agencies that have established relationships with multiple carriers. The IMO helps independent agents expand their reach across all lines of insurance without having to establish themselves within each line of business.

In addition, IMOs offer independent insurance agents access to a variety of carriers and risk management solutions. For independent agents that may not have the time or resources to establish relationships with multiple carriers themselves, independent marketing organizations provide exposure to new products and opportunities they would otherwise miss out on.

DMI as Your IMO

Independent insurance agents looking to expand revenue potential should consider an independent marketing organization as a viable option. DMI, founded in 1989 to provide financial advisors sales consulting, operations support, and marketing services, brings decades of experience to partner with you and help you grow your business. If you’re an agent interested in this form of business expansion, contact DMI today at 800-322-6342 or info@dmi.com to learn how we can help.

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