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Derek Easdon

Vice President – Annuity Sales

Derek Easdon, Vice President of Annuity Sales

Derek Easdon has over a decade of experience in the insurance industry, with experience as a personal producer, broker dealer annuity sales, and IMO wholesaling. Derek has worked with advisors in several distribution channels, and he loves assisting advisors with business development and helping them assist their clients to protect and plan for retirement. He is solutions oriented and enjoys collaborating to solve problems in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Derek and his wife, Rachel, have three children. When not spending time with family, Derek enjoys riding his bike, spending time outdoors, and participating in sporting activities.

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With DMI since 2004​

Edward Martin

Senior Annuity Case Manager

"Result-driven, focused Senior Case Manager for life and annuities"

With DMI since 2011​

Mark Davey

Senior New Business Coordinator

"A New Business Manager building relationships"

With DMI since 2015​

Kimberly Marcella

Senior Creative Director

"Creative Director and award-winning brand designer"

With DMI since 2019​

Ashley Germin

Contracting Specialist

"Improving contracting efficiencies as a Licensing and Contracting Specialist"

With DMI since 2021

Declan Donahue

business development representative

"In the business of building relationships"