FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: february 28, 2020

DMI Announces Launch of Advantage: A Streamlined Approach to Comprehensive Marketing Services

Hingham, MA, February 28, 2020: DMI, wholesaler of consumer-driven life and annuity products announces the launch of its comprehensive suite of marketing services. The new tiered approach to marketing services was designed to help advisors, at all levels, create a strong marketing foundation and then build from there for optimized results.

DMI’s professional profile has evolved over the last 30 years and with formalized services, it will become even easier for its partner agents to run their business.   The newly expanded services coupled with DMI’s commitment to innovative technology, will allow agents to receive enhanced and more timely delivery of their marketing services.  “The faster we can get our services out the door, the more agile our agents can become in connecting with more prospects and clients,” says Kaijsa Kurstin, VP Marketing, DMI.

In addition to offering consumer-friendly products with operations and sales support, DMI makes a concerted effort to offer its partner agents and advisors with what will work best for them and their business.  “If we cannot continue to add value in an effort to grow an agents’ business, then we are not doing our job,” adds Kurstin. Although DMI’s services are presented in a formalized tiered approach, the idea is not to box an agent into any one tier, but rather, ensure agents have the proper marketing foundation before adding on additional services.

Because there is no “one size fits all” approach to agent marketing, DMI’s service tiers have been architected in a way that allows advisors to have access to services in other tiers, based on their individual needs.

The tiered approach will allow DMI to service agents, who may just be starting out in the business, to build their brand identity and online presence.  Processes have been put into place to streamline the delivery of the services in an effort to maintain DMI’s core strength, which is a high-touch, consultative approach. “When agents call our Marketing department, we pick up the phone and we know them by name.  At DMI, our agents aren’t just a number.  They are a part of our DMI family,” says Kimberly Marcella, Creative Director at DMI. “We operate as any digital marketing agency would, and ensure we create a solid foundation in an effort to optimize future additional services,” adds Marcella.

Agents already working with DMI recently learned that new services, like podcast production and hosting, are now being offered in addition to the full suite of multi-media production services across TV and radio. In addition to podcasts, agents will soon benefit from a new social media program, which is currently in beta and expected to roll out to partner agents in April of this year. The program, which provides agents with compliant content that is created by DMI, will continue to add value in an effort to increase engagement and leads across agents’ social channels.

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DMI VP Marketing
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