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With DMI since 2024

Eric Baldwin, CRPC®

Vice President – annuity Sales

Direct Line: (781) 919-2344

Eric Baldwin, CRPC®, Vice President of Annuity Sales 

With over 25 years of experience in the financial services area, Eric Baldwin has earned success as a producer, manager, wholesaler, and national sales manager while focusing on taking sales and client satisfaction to new heights.  

Eric has extensive experience in wirehouse, bank distribution, and RIA environments, as well as the independent channel. His deep knowledge of traditional fixed and fixed indexed annuities, in addition to other insurance products, enables Eric to craft tailored solutions ensuring optimal outcomes for those he advises and their clients. 

I am committed to the success of DMI’s financial partners. Together we create a strong, collaborative culture that strengthens our partnerships and is a driving force in business growth and innovation.

support team

With DMI since 2004​

Edward Martin

Senior Annuity Case Management

Direct Line: (781) 919-2324

With DMI since 2011​

Mark Davey

Senior Annuity Case Management

Direct Line: (781) 919-2326

With DMI since 2015​

Kimberly Marcella

Senior Creative Director

Direct Line: (781) 919-2333

With DMI since 2019​

Ashley Eagle

Contracting & Commission Specialist

Direct Line: (781) 919-2360

With DMI since 2021

Declan Donahue

business development representative

Direct Line: (781) 919-2337