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Erick Lindewall

Vice President – Annuity Sales

Direct Line: (781) 919-2351

Erick Lindewall, Vice President of Annuity Sales

Erick Lindewall is an industry veteran with 30 years of experience, including over 20 years as an External Variable Annuity Wholesaler. He as worked with financial advisors in all major distribution channels. Erick has been recognized as a sales and relationship management leader multiple times during his wholesaling career. Before beginning his wholesaling career, Erick was a financial advisor and sales manager.

Erick and his wife Jennifer have 2 college-aged children. Hiking, biking, and the beach are how Erick and Jennifer spend their free time.

I believe the foundation of all successful business relationships is experience and trust. I understand what advisors need from the partners they choose to work with. Delivering superior service, creative business-building ideas and honest, straightforward product positioning has been my guiding principle for my entire career.

support team

With DMI since 2004​

Edward Martin

Senior Annuity Case Management

Direct Line: (781) 919-2324

With DMI since 2011​

Mark Davey

Senior Annuity Case Management

Direct Line: (781) 919-2326

With DMI since 2015​

Kimberly Marcella

Senior Creative Director

Direct Line: (781) 919-2333

With DMI since 2019​

Ashley Eagle

Contracting & Commission Specialist

Direct Line: (781) 919-2360

With DMI since 2021

Declan Donahue

business development representative

Direct Line: (781) 919-2337