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Engage with Prospects for Maximum Conversions

A podcast episode is a financial advisor’s personal meeting with prospective clients from anywhere, and they listen when it’s most convenient to them. Each podcast episode in your series brings your listeners closer to you. Your podcast series builds a personal relationship with your listeners and prospective financial services clients.

Why Add Podcasts to Your Financial Advisory Marketing Mix?

Your Story. Anywhere.

Connect with a targeted audience while they are at home or on-the-go.

Reach More Clients.

Drive more traffic to your website with relevant and valuable financial advisor content.

Build Trust.

Foster trusted relationships with a platform to share personal stories.

Diverse Content.

Share dynamic, audio focused content across your websites, social media, and email marketing.


Stay engaged with prospects while building brand awareness in local communities. ​

With a tested program, the right marketing support, and appropriate follow through, workshops can be one the most effective ways of generating new business.

DMI provides turnkey workshops to put you in front of a room full of qualified prospects. Our system includes pre- and post- presentation tools designed to help you set more appointments and close sales efficiently.

Workshops are one of the top prospecting method for professionals. Our system enables you to:

  • Build your brand
    Grow your business with educational content
  • Grow your business with educational content
  • Convert more prospects into clients
  • Be seen as a trusted financial professional

Workshops are proven to help draw new prospects in front of financial professionals. Work with DMI to position yourself for a successful workshop that can yield results.

Financial Advisor Podcast Overview

Record your first podcast episode today – Contact your DMI Sales Representative to learn more about marketing with financial advisor podcasts.


According to Nielsen ratings, radio alone reaches almost 270 million American listeners each week, with 94 percent of adults ages 50 to 64 listening to the radio weekly. Radio represents an excellent vehicle for you to deliver messages to a large number of prospects. DMI’s Radio partner has over 30 years of experience, and they serve as one of the nations leading media buyers for radio paid programming placement.

To double down on the coverage of your media, we can take your radio program and convert it to a podcast medium for consumption on your website.

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