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With DMI since 2022

Tyrell Jensen

Vice President – Annuity Sales

Direct Line: (781) 919-2368

Tyrell Jensen, Vice President of Annuity Sales

Tyrell Jensen has almost two decades of experience in annuity and life insurance sales, marketing, recruiting and business development. Tyrell started his career working in his family’s estate and retirement planning firm, where he gained his love for the industry. He went on to work for a national insurance company and multiple IMOs. Tyrell earned his bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University. In addition to working in management for more than a decade, Tyrell has vast experience working in the financial planning and insurance industry. His work has focused on annuities and life insurance, and how these products can be used to form a holistic plan for seniors in retirement. 

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With DMI since 2004​

Edward Martin

Senior Annuity Case Management

Direct Line: (781) 919-2324

With DMI since 2006

Debbie Wade

Senior Annuity Case Management

Direct Line: (781) 919-2346

With DMI since 2011

Mark Davey

Senior Annuity Case Management

Direct Line: (781) 919-2326

With DMI since 2015

Kimberly Marcella

Senior Creative Director

Direct Line: (781) 919-2333

With DMI since 2019

Ashley Eagle

Contracting & Commission Specialist

Direct Line: (781) 919-2360

With DMI since 2021

Declan Donahue

Business development representative

Direct Line: (781) 919-2337