Don’t Gamble with the Golden Years

Tips for market volatility impacting clients at or near retirement Due to the unpredictability of the stock and bond markets, it’s quite possible that a traditional asset allocation strategy may not protect clients from declining asset values and could potentially expose them to an even bigger risk: running out of savings in retirement. After all, […]

7 Facts for Funding College with IUL

IUL for funding college? If you have a client in the market for life insurance, they may be surprised that it may help them save for a child’s — or grandchild’s — college education. Obviously, life insurance is first and foremost purchased for its death benefit. But we’re going to focus on one of the many living benefits of […]

The XX Factor: 7 Tips to Future-Proof Your Practice

More women than men associate negative emotions with financial planning and say they are less confident about managing money according to one study. Shift this trend by taking steps to better engage female clients and build a relationship based on trust and confidence. 1. Treat couples as equals… and individuals. When meeting with couples, be sure […]