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With DMI since 2023

Joshua Rhem

Vice President – life Sales

Direct Line: (781) 919-2325

Joshua Rhem, Vice President of Life Sales

Joshua Rhem has over 15 years of experience in Insurance and Investment services, with experience as a Registered Investment Advisor to financial institutions, an insurance producer and wholesaler. Throughout his career Joshua has always been especially interested in making sure that insurance is viewed as a vital component of a well-constructed comprehensive financial plan.

Joshua understands the obstacles that advisors face each day and is eager to support them, and promptly respond to their needs. He enjoys helping advisors, brokers and agents grow their business with strategies to identify opportunities and helping to effectively position insurance products as meaningful solutions to their clients’ financial goals.

Joshua is a “girl dad” to five daughters along with his wife Lea. When he’s not working with advisors, he enjoys surfing and fishing the beaches of Wilmington, North Carolina.

support team

With DMI since 2009

Eileen LaFlamme

Life Case Management

Direct Line: (781) 919-2332

With DMI since 2006

Debbie Wade

Life Case Management

Direct Line: (781) 919-2346

With DMI since 2015​

Kimberly Marcella

Senior Creative Director

Direct Line: (781) 919-2333

With DMI since 2019​

Ashley Eagle

Contracting & Commission Specialist

Direct Line: (781) 919-2360

With DMI since 2021

Declan Donahue

business development representative

Direct Line: (781) 919-2337