Vice President - Annuity Sales
The mission of the Vice President – Annuity Sales is to recruit A-Level advisors to DMI. This person will work as the leader with a team of Business Development Representatives (BDR) with the ultimate goal of driving annuity sales.
Essentials roles and responsibilities:
  • Convert warm leads provided by BDR or Marketing Team.
  • Work closely with BDR to recruit 50 advisors + $50M FIA per year
  • Use webinars and leverage DMI provided assets to close a sale
  • Find deep pain and profile prospect to close a sale
  • Manage a book of advisors to sell annuity insurance
Position Summary:

The focus of this job involves driving toward results by enrolling the commitment and buy-in of others. While the job requires strong initiative and self-direction, results are only achieved with and through people. A sincere appreciation for people and how they are each uniquely motivated is the foundation for designing and implementing interactive communication and decision-making processes.

Knowledge and skill in how to successfully influence and persuade others by understanding how their individual needs and motivations link to goals is essential. The job requires a high degree of “selling”, whether of ideas and policies within the organization, or products or services in the marketplace. The job environment is fast paced and results oriented.

Job Characteristics:
  • Variety of activities Multiple projects occurring simultaneously Multi-tasking Sense of urgency for goal achievement Fast-paced environment
  • People/relationships focus Team building Inspire, motivate others, and engage their commitment
  • Involve others in decision-making process Cooperative, collaborative decision-making Must assume responsibility for risk
  • Extroverted, warm, enthusiastic, empathetic Stimulating communicator Persuasive “selling” style Collaborative approach
  • Leadership based on ability to motivate others
  • Strong commitment to results
  • Delegate authority readily

Noteworthy Behaviors: Quick to connect, competitive, driven to get things done, enthusiastic, self-motivator, fast-paced, proactive, takes initiative, positive response to pressure, team builder, undaunted by failure, and positive attitude

Required qualifications:

  • Proven experience and track record of success in similar role
  • Able to recruit A-Level advisors
  • Able to close annuity sales
  • Experience reaching or exceeding weekly activity goals/quotas
  • Competitive self-starter who enjoys taking risks and is undaunted by failure
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Vice President - Annuity Sales
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