Rescuing a Bank Loan from Rising Interest Rates

IUL AS A REFINANCING TOOL IN A RISING RATE ENVIRONMENT  With the cost of capital increasing dramatically as interest rates have risen, many commercial loans now have terms that are far less favorable, if not punitive. Fortunately, clients with life insurance assets have access to a “refinancing” strategy that can provide relief from higher rates […]


Asset Allocation has been part of the investment professional’s asset management strategy for decades. More recently, a considerable amount of attention has been focused on a natural extension of that approach: Asset Location. KEY TAKEAWAYS Asset location is an investing strategy that has potential to lower your clients’ overall tax bill. There are taxable, tax-deferred, […]

Key Person Insurance: Lessons from Aaron Rodgers

If you’re a football fan, you likely remember the collective gasp when Aaron Rodgers of the Jets went down with a season-ending injury mere moments into the first game of the year. Beyond the disappointment for the team and its fans, this incident sheds light on a crucial aspect of business risk management: Key Person […]