Avoiding Decision Paralysis and Empowering Business Owners in Retirement

Every day, business owners face a multitude of complex financial and business decisions, including how they will fund retirement, when and if they will step-back from the business, tax considerations and issues, long-term care costs and determine how they will exit their business. The sheer number of decisions can paralyze a business owner into non-action.  […]

A Fragile Decade: Are You Addressing the Sequence of Returns Risk with Your Clients?

A man sits at a table with blocks in a line. His hand intersects a line of block stopping the flow of blocks cascading, implying sequence risk protection.

You guide your clients through plenty of risks as they prepare for retirement. After all, retirement is a long game that has many parts to manage, such as taxes, health care costs, inflation, and market risk. When it comes to investing, it’s understood that actual returns will vary significantly from year to year depending on […]

The Sequence of Returns Conversation

Sequence of Returns Promotional Video

Negative sequence of return risk is one of the biggest risks to the predictability and sustainability of your client’s retirement income plan. As most clients have benefitted greatly from the long bull market run of the past decade and begin to transition from the accumulation phase to the distribution phase of their retirement income, negative sequence of […]

Powerful Conversation Starters and Marketing Tools to Jumpstart Client Conversations

DMI’s Director of Marketing Glen Setchfield recently gave us a sneak peek of the upcoming DMI University Retirement Income Protection Two-day Webinar Series. This upcoming webinar will highlight how to deploy AIG’s effective, multi-faceted Campaign in a Box with several great Conversation Starters to pave the wave for new life insurance conversations with your clients. […]

Impact Investing: What It Is and How It Can Impact Your Clients Retirement

An older woman who values impact and commiunity volunteers smiling

Driven by Millennials and Gen X interest, impact investing can act as a catalyst for retirement saving as individuals focus on a impactful investment —from sustainable agriculture to renewable energy, conservation, and micro-finance. In addition to the macroeconomic trends in sustainable investing, updates from regulatory agencies, shifting consumer investor preferences, and demographic changes across the […]

Leading the Healthcare Cost Conversation: Retirement Planning for Clients

A woman wearing scrubs and a stethoscope helps an older man with paperwork

As healthcare expenses rise in retirement, it’s critical that partner agents and advisors talk about healthcare as an essential expense and guiding factor in retirement planning with their clients. The increasing costs of healthcare in retirement compounds the retirement income challenge which increases concerns among pre-retirees and makes it difficult for financial agents/advisors to plan. In […]

Referral Marketing: How You Can You Make It Work for Your Business 

A microphone is shown in the lower right against a city scape background amplifying messaging and word of mouth marketing

Attracting potential customers and cold, warm, or hot leads can be a challenge for any business. From cold calling to Google Ads, finding qualifiable leads that will convert can be difficult for even the most seasoned professional.   What if instead of chasing cold leads, there was another way? Referral marketing is a strategy that helps […]

Location, Location, Location: 6 Strategies for Hyperlocal Marketing

A map with a pinpoint with a hyper localized position to signify location based marketing

Many businesses advertise on a national and/or regional level, but for hyperlocal marketing, advertisers hone in on just a few blocks, streets, or specific zip codes. If your business is looking to grow locally, or you want to boost foot traffic, you might benefit from a hyperlocal marketing strategy that connects your target audience where […]

Are Virtual Sales Techniques Here to Stay?

Happy young man using laptop. Close-up.

The pandemic accelerated the technological evolution in many industries, the insurance industry included. For many carriers, IMO‘s and clients, the crisis has accelerated efforts to adopt a digital-minded approach.  This includes an effort to modernize infrastructure,  improve data capabilities and security, and embrace contactless, digital underwriting and claims processes. Success for businesses means adapting and […]

3 Ways to Help Your Clients Spring Clean Their Finances

Multicolored cleaning supplies along with flowers to connote spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is an effective way to create a fresh start, eliminate unnecessary items, and achieve the goals set earlier in the year. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Since people are already organizing their drawers, why not encourage your clients to do the same for their finances? Spring is a perfect annual reminder […]