Powerful Conversation Starters and Marketing Tools to Jumpstart Client Conversations

DMI’s Director of Marketing Glen Setchfield recently gave us a sneak peek of the upcoming DMI University Retirement Income Protection Two-day Webinar Series. This upcoming webinar will highlight how to deploy AIG’s effective, multi-faceted Campaign in a Box with several great Conversation Starters to pave the wave for new life insurance conversations with your clients.

AIG’s ready-made retirement income protection Campaign-In-A-Box and conversation starters are two tools in the arsenal of resources for partner agents and advisors to support conversations with clients. AIG’s Campaign in a Box takes the guesswork out of marketing with ready to deploy social media posts, emails, and direct mail with your very own marketing calendar. Conversation Starters help you jumpstart and continue conversations with clients after you have connected. Don’t miss our two-day DMI University Webinar series on July 20th and July 22nd on building a retirement income protection campaign using these resources. Let’s explore the value of conversation starters and the use of a marketing campaign, especially for agent advisors who may not have an IMO in place for marketing support who are using carrier provided resources to connect with clients.

Marketing as a Tool to Start a Conversation

A carefully crafted marketing campaign can speak toward client/prospect concerns and keep retirement planning top of mind. In addition to connecting with clients, wherever they may be in the retirement planning or decision-making process, utilizing marketing tools like email campaigns and social media can provide frequent reminders of your value as a business and the services you provide. You will be seen as a respected resource to resolve client concerns, answer questions, and secure peace of mind. A diversified marketing campaign, shared with specific frequency, across multiple avenues of communication (email, social media, direct mail) can reach your client in a variety of ways and open the door for additional conversations.

Continue the Conversation with Conversation Starters

Sales enablement resources like AIG’s Conversation Starters can help build a relationship and connect with your existing and prospective clients. Agents or advisors may leverage conversation starter tools, fact finders, and other resources to enhance client conversations, establish expectations, reveal needs, motivate action, and help you as an agent/advisor address hesitation, delay, or inaction.

Conversation Starters set expectations for your conversations and your role in their future.

Joe Ross, ChFC, CLU, CRC, Vice President, Sales Productivity & Business Development of AIG Life Insurance & Retirement uses the AIG Conversation Starters resources to set expectations for the role of the agent advisor. In one sales concept, Joe frames the role of financial professionals as playing financial offense and defense. The financial advisor must play “two critical roles in helping plan a client’s financial future”:

  1. I will help you play “financial offense” to plan for what you expect to happen.
  2. I will help you play “financial defense” to plan for what you DON’T expect to happen.

Conversation Starters can help you overcome common hurdles.

Many clients may not be prepared to move forward with their decision making at the conclusion on a meeting, presentation, or phone call. Acknowledging their hesitation with conversation starters and tactics to continue the conversation can turn a cooling client into a client who is ready to act within a specific timeframe.

Conversation Starters can motivate action.

It is common in sales to leverage fact finders or other tools to find a client’s pain points. One of the core fundamentals about human nature in regards to decision-making is the desire to move away from pain and towards pleasure. People also generally do not take action to solve small problems. They only take the time to solve the BIG problems. If you can reframe a client not having life insurance or not saving enough income saved for retirement as a larger, more urgent to-do, they are more likely to act.

So, we have tackled why it is a great idea to integrate Conversation Starters and Campaign in a Box but how do you practically use these resources as a professional? What is the industry best practices?

Putting Conversation Starters and Campaign a Box into Practice

Join DMI Vice President of Life Sales, Keith Schettino, and AIG Chad Bachorowski, CFP® for DMI University’s 2-day Webinar Series – Retirement Income Planning where they will walk you through how to put these resources into practice. DMI University Retirement Income Protection & Conversation Starter Webinar Series

In our upcoming two-day webinar series, you will:

  • Explore a consumer-approved marketing program that targets life insurance prospects
  • Learn how to deploy sales conversation tools that help you sharpen your engagement once you are speaking with a future client.
  • Strategize how to execute a powerful marketing campaign.

Register for the July 20th & July 22nd DMI University Webinar Series — Retirement Income Protection.