Maximize Retirement Income with a Social Security Bridge

Retirement can be tough. Your clients approaching retirement face a series of high-stakes decisions… like when to start taking Social Security benefits. It’s time to start boosting your client’s risk-protected retirement income with a strategy for optimizing Social Security — a ‘Bridge Plan.’ If you’re any kind of wealth manager, insurance agent, or financial advisor, […]

Talk Legacy, RMDs, & Gather BIG Assets

When was the last time you had a client say they wanted to pass money on to their children or grandchildren? If you are like most financial professionals, it was probably very recently. According to an Ameriprise Financial Survey, “77% of Americans plan to leave a financial inheritance for their children or grandchildren, only 64% feel […]

Time to Update Retirement Income Thinking

As financial professionals, we help our clients prepare for a comfortable and secure retirement. But the traditional retirement triad of Social Security, Pensions, and Private Savings is fading: pensions have all but disappeared, the 4% rule doesn’t work anymore, clients are facing longevity risk and sequence of returns risk… Not to mention the impending changes […]

5 Reasons Why Good Leads Go Bad

I’m calling Sandler onto the floor for this blog: Rule #41, the one about “No Bad Prospects, Only Bad Salespeople” must have been written by Sandler on a gloomy day. The truth is, sometimes we get leads that are the ‘red-headed stepchildren’ of prospects. And we’ve ALL BEEN THERE.  But when you have good leads – leads […]

The Real Cost of Leads

There are many options to get leads and grow your business. This is a blog about paid leads. Let’s be clear, organic marketing is part of building a healthy brand and generating great leads for your business. Using a paid leads program tries to jump start this process and get you right to the nurturing […]

Climbing the MYGA Ladder

Whether annuities are your primary product or a complementary portfolio solution, Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities (MYGAs) are emerging as a valuable piece to consider in a retirement strategy. If you’re looking for creative ways to maximize MYGAs, consider a laddering structure.  What is MYGA Laddering?   MYGA laddering is similar to the concept of CD laddering or […]

Don’t Gamble with the Golden Years

Tips for market volatility impacting clients at or near retirement Due to the unpredictability of the stock and bond markets, it’s quite possible that a traditional asset allocation strategy may not protect clients from declining asset values and could potentially expose them to an even bigger risk: running out of savings in retirement. After all, […]

7 Facts for Funding College with IUL

IUL for funding college? If you have a client in the market for life insurance, they may be surprised that it may help them save for a child’s — or grandchild’s — college education. Obviously, life insurance is first and foremost purchased for its death benefit. But we’re going to focus on one of the many living benefits of […]

The XX Factor: 7 Tips to Future-Proof Your Practice

More women than men associate negative emotions with financial planning and say they are less confident about managing money according to one study. Shift this trend by taking steps to better engage female clients and build a relationship based on trust and confidence. 1. Treat couples as equals… and individuals. When meeting with couples, be sure […]

Social Security Marketing: Navigating the Regulatory Landmines

Social Security is a foundational piece of retirement income planning for most Americans. It’s often one of the only guaranteed income sources they will have in retirement. Making the right decisions when it comes to filing for benefits can have lifelong consequences. Consumers often turn to their financial professionals to help them sort through the […]