Time to Update Retirement Income Thinking

As financial professionals, we help our clients prepare for a comfortable and secure retirement. But the traditional retirement triad of Social Security, Pensions, and Private Savings is fading: pensions have all but disappeared, the 4% rule doesn’t work anymore, clients are facing longevity risk and sequence of returns risk… Not to mention the impending changes in social security and the future reductions to benefits participants may ensue. 

But it isn’t all doom and gloom. Let me tell you about the light at the end of the tunnel…

Annuities + Social Security: The Power Duo 

Annuities have long been debated in financial planning circles, but there’s no denying the benefits they offer in retirement. By adding annuities to the 3-legged stool, clients can achieve a guaranteed income stream that’s immune to market volatility and longevity risk. A diversified income strategy that includes partial annuitization, systematic withdrawals, and Social Security benefits is the best combination to secure a comfortable retirement^1. 

If your client defers their benefits until age 70, the monthly social security benefit amount could increase up to 8% per year past their full retirement age^2. This enables the participant to claim the maximum Social Security benefit, which can increase monthly payments by more than 40% (compared with claiming at age 65).  

But how do you bridge the income gap between retirement and age 70? With 21st Century Retirement thinking, of course. 

A Modern Approach 

The time has never been better to help clients maximize their Social Security income and develop a capital-efficient income strategy.  

By using annuities surgically, as they were meant to be used, with social security in a retirement income strategy, we can quantitively see that the Asset OPTIMIZED approach builds stronger, more efficient plans. Even more, because of this optimized approach, we can typically build them for about 50% less capital on average. 

“Ultimately, here, we’re talking about building better, more fortified plans for 50% less capital. At the same time we’re talking about building better, more fortified, more profitable, and more valuable businesses for agents.”

Securing Clients’ Retirement 

Modern retirement planning comes down to hoping vs. knowing. 

We can hope the market does well and hope there are no future reductions to social security benefits — or we can act so that we can know retirement income is secure from market risk, protected from inflation, and has tax-deferred growth while maintaining more growth potential from index performance.

As financial professionals, it’s our job to ensure that our client’s retirement is secure. A reality check shows that there’s a good chance they’ll live longer than they expect. So, combining Social Security payments with regular income from a lifetime annuity can top up the client’s retirement income, ensuring a comfortable lifestyle^2.

It’s time to update our retirement thinking and act in our client’s best interests. Help them secure a comfortable retirement by adding annuities and Social Security to their retirement plan. 

Don’t leave your clients unprepared; secure their future — and your business — with this powerful strategy today!

Update Retirement Thinking to a 21st Century Income Plan Strategy

Show clients strategies that demonstrate modern approaches and techniques. Why? Because

  • The 4% Rule doesn’t work
  • Pension plans have disappeared
  • People live longer than planned
  • Social Security risk
  • Sequence of Returns risk 

Clients need a modern approach to retirement income. Get a leg-up on the competition — and wealth managers — by updating your retirement thinking. Let us show you how with our new Case Study.

See how using annuities deftly with Social Security in the mix, will always give clients a 100% Probability of Success. And you’ll be a hero for being able to build better, more fortified retirement strategies for 50% less capital, on average.

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