Navigating Sequence of Returns Risk in the Retirement Red Zone

In the world of financial planning and retirement strategies, one topic that often takes center stage, especially when dealing with clients in the retirement red zone (the critical five years before and after retirement), is Sequence of Returns Risk. Understanding and effectively managing this risk is paramount to ensuring your clients’ financial security during their […]

Understanding Taxable Equivalent Yield

When it comes to investing, a key consideration is the yield (or return) expected on investments. It’s important to understand that not all yields are created equal, especially when taxes are involved.

The Role of Risk Premium in Financial Planning

In this blog, we’ll explore risk premium with a focus on Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities (MYGAs), using a case study to illustrate their importance in a diversified portfolio. Risk premium represents the extra return demanded by a planner when opting for a high-risk investment instead of a risk-free one.

RETIREMENT INCOME PLANNING: How the Rules of Investing Change

While Asset Allocation continues to serve long-term growth investors well, the approach was not designed to address the unique needs of the 21st-century retirement income investor.   When first introduced by economist Harry Markowitz as ‘Modern Portfolio Theory’ in 1952, the concept was so well received and quantitatively sound, Markowitz was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics […]

5 Proven Lead Generation Strategies for Financial Advisors

As a financial professional, your success hinges on your ability to attract and convert potential clients into loyal, long-term partners. To achieve this, you need a robust lead generation strategy that not only brings in a consistent flow of prospects but also ensures that these leads are qualified and genuinely interested in your services. While […]

The Crucial Role of Estate Plans in Holistic Retirement Planning

As financial professionals, we understand the significance of offering comprehensive retirement planning solutions to our clients. A holistic approach ensures that their financial future is secure and well-structured. One vital component that often gets overlooked is estate planning.   More Americans are starting to realize the importance of estate planning, partially driven by inflation. In fact, […]

Maximize Retirement Income with a Social Security Bridge

Retirement can be tough. Your clients approaching retirement face a series of high-stakes decisions… like when to start taking Social Security benefits. It’s time to start boosting your client’s risk-protected retirement income with a strategy for optimizing Social Security — a ‘Bridge Plan.’ If you’re any kind of wealth manager, insurance agent, or financial advisor, […]

Talk Legacy, RMDs, & Gather BIG Assets

When was the last time you had a client say they wanted to pass money on to their children or grandchildren? If you are like most financial professionals, it was probably very recently. According to an Ameriprise Financial Survey, “77% of Americans plan to leave a financial inheritance for their children or grandchildren, only 64% feel […]

Time to Update Retirement Income Thinking

As financial professionals, we help our clients prepare for a comfortable and secure retirement. But the traditional retirement triad of Social Security, Pensions, and Private Savings is fading: pensions have all but disappeared, the 4% rule doesn’t work anymore, clients are facing longevity risk and sequence of returns risk… Not to mention the impending changes […]

5 Reasons Why Good Leads Go Bad

I’m calling Sandler onto the floor for this blog: Rule #41, the one about “No Bad Prospects, Only Bad Salespeople” must have been written by Sandler on a gloomy day. The truth is, sometimes we get leads that are the ‘red-headed stepchildren’ of prospects. And we’ve ALL BEEN THERE.  But when you have good leads – leads […]