Staying Engaged During A Crisis

Like so many businesses out there, we know many agents have been working to keep their virtual doors open during a time of social distancing. Larger gatherings are prohibited, and face-to-face meetings have been moved online. Many clients are looking for ways to stay engaged and connected with you while trying to do what’s best for public health. Here we have a few ways for you to keep safety in mind while keeping lines of communication open.

Reach Out

With the current situation evolving and changing rapidly, clients don’t know what to expect. As an advisor, you have been given a great amount of trust. Calling, emailing or even sending a quick message could help ease minds. A brief check in can let them know you are listening, and that their concerns are being heard and addressed.

Staying Connected

Beyond listening and peace of mind, give them details on how you will continue to stay connected. Are you better reached via email? By phone? Be prepared to have several different ways of interacting with clients and prospects than ever before. Give them options, and let them know what is the best way for you to be reached should they have questions.

Ask for Ideas

Who would know more about what they want than your own clients? It can only benefit to just ask! “What can I do to help you now?” Having customers guide your strategy will ensure that you are giving them the quality service that you know you provide. It will open the lines of communication and build confidence and trust. This is when they need you the most!

Don’t Hit Pause!

Unless there was no way you could deliver your products or services, this isn’t a good reason to hit the pause button on current clients. You can keep your audience engaged, but also informed! A great way to show your efforts is to join a movement that’s working on tackling the current situation. Help bring attention to local small businesses they might be interested in supporting. It’s important to acknowledge what’s going on in the world, especially about what’s happening in our own communities.

When dealing with this kind of uncertainty many clients will turn to you, looking for answers. The key is to always communicate in a thoughtful and engaging manner while staying open and transparent. In these unprecedented times there are no one size fits all solutions, but with the strategies above you can certainly help clients prepare for what lies ahead.

Staying online and engaged will help you continue to grow your business. For more information on how DMI can help you, contact us today by calling (866) 322-3684 or visiting us online.