3 Advantages of Connecting With Your Clients During Tax Season

It’s that time of year again where everyone turns their attention towards tax season. As a financial professional helping families navigate retirement, it is important to provide value during this time of year and make sure your clients understand the impact taxes have during retirement planning. Here are three advantages of using tax season as an opportunity to connect and strategize with your existing clients.

An Annual Point of Contact

Having an annual point of contact with your existing clients will ensure that you’re able to provide essential services to them on a consistent basis. It’s likely that the majority of your retired or retiring clients will need guidance with their taxes to some degree, so it’s no surprise that tax season is the perfect time to get in contact with them and help them with any concerns or questions they may have.

Reinforce the Relationship

Clients put a lot of trust in your services as you provide guidance on the implications that their taxes might have on their retirement and their investments. It’s essential to provide high-quality services that go above and beyond in order to reinforce the positive relationship you have with them. Sharing your understanding of tax, financial planning, and business knowledge will position you as the professional that your clients can rely on throughout their retirement.

One of the ways to maintain a positive relationship is through clear communication. There is a wide variety of options for interacting with your clients, ranging from traditional face-to-face conversations to emails, calls, and even social media!

Determine the way your clients prefer to interact with you. You may even begin to notice that certain demographics favor specific communication channels. Take time to actively listen to your clients and offer the solutions they need for ongoing success.

Stand out With Excellent Customer Service

With the current rise in the number of retirees, globalization, and a dramatic increase in innovative technologies, this is an exciting time to be a part of the financial industry. These factors also require you to standout from the competition, and you can do that by providing excellent customer service to keep your clients returning year after year and to grow your business because ultimately, satisfied clients are your greatest referrals.

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