Social Media 101:  How to Make the Most out of Your Social Pages

Every day, more businesses are making social media a core part of their marketing strategy, and financial advisors and agents should be no exception. More than a billion people are currently active on Facebook and there has never been an easier way for brands to promote to such a large and concentrated group of people.

If you’re curious about how you can enter this marketing arena, here are a few of our best tips for businesses looking to start using social media.

Make All Accounts Consistent

When you’re a business using social media, you want to make sure that all of your pages and channels are conveying the exact same message to your customers.

Accomplish this by making sure that all of your pages have the same branding, hours of operation, and contact information so any potential client can reach out to you without fear of a wrong phone number.

Identify Your Audience

As a business owner, it can be tempting to see all social media users as the same. However, just like in any other part of your business, not having an idea of who your ideal customer is can end up costing you time and money chasing down false leads.

When you’re drafting content or generating ads, take the time to understand who your traditional customer is, what motivates them to seek you out, and what message would best convey to them how you can help with their retirement planning.

Track Important Metrics

One of the best aspects of social media pages is that they provide excellent metrics and data that can help businesses refine their approach. These include post reach, engagement, and post clicks by interested readers.

When you’re making social posts regularly, be sure to go back to the posts afterward and check their metrics. This will teach you what readers are most interested in and what messaging you can focus on to bring them through your door.

Keep Your Content Relevant

Social media sites, and the tastes of their users, change faster than most people realize. It can be easy for a trendy post one day to elicit groans and eye rolls only a few weeks later.

You don’t have to draft every post to fit the moment, but you should keep tabs on what your readers are interested in.

Make Sure Your Content is Compliant

For financial professionals, this is especially important. What you can and can’t say on social media is heavily regulated, however, that shouldn’t keep you from having a social media presence. Ensuring you have the appropriate disclosures easily accessible is important. When setting up your social media account, be sure to consult with your IMO and compliance officer to ensure you are staying within regulations.

Social media is one of the greatest marketing tool for business owners since the invention of the billboard, but it can take plenty of time and patience for users to master this asset. At DMI, we understand the impact having a presence on Social Media can have on your business, but we also understand that you need to focus meeting with clients and doing what you love, which is why we’ve develop a turn-key Social Media offering that will continue to add value to increase engagement and leads across agents’ social channels.

To learn more about our new Social Media offering and how we can help you grow your business, give DMI a call today at (800) 322-6342.